Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

1. Independence

PVS Group is a global provider of fulfillment and publication distribution services. We are a fully independent group of companies managed by our owners.

2. Customer Satisfaction

We at PVS have one overriding goal; to provide our clients with the exceptional service they deserve and retain them as satisfied customers by keeping them and PVS on the road to sustainable, profitable growth, and long-term value creation.

3. Distribution Generalist B2C and B2B

We maintain the market position of a distribution generalist for direct business (business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business).

4. High Quality

Our services have to live up to the high quality demands of our customers. These include project execution, commercial services, logistics as well as communications with our customers. PVS is dedicated to providing a fully-trained staff and a modern and professional infrastructure to achieve these goals.

5. Open Internal Communications Channels

We ensure that internal communications channels are open so that our existing know-how is available and useable to our entire staff.

6. Growth

We will continue to fine tune our quality and to grow, while ensuring that we maintain the harmony between business objectives and professional attitude within our close-knit organization. We thrive on the challenge to excel in a changing world.

Heinz Karow
Heinz Karow