Subscription Management: Case Study

Subscription Management for the Kölner Bank-Verlag
Subscription Management for the Kölner Bank-Verlag

The Kölner Bank-Verlag with its 40-year history offers a wide range of services and IT services in the area of finance and banking, mainly to private banks.

As a subsidiary of the Bundesverband deutscher Banken (BdB), one of its core competences is the editing and distribution of various trade magazines. The publisher informs its customers continuously about current topics from the banking and finance business.

PVS is responsible for the entire subscription management of periodical trade magazines (for example, “die bank“ or “RISIKO MANAGER“). New subscriptions or cancellations and subscriber requests in writing or by telephone are handled by PVS employees. Also, account receivables and resending service is handled by the Neckarsulm personnel.

PVS offers an integrated database platform on which efficient and successful CRM campaigns can be planned, organized and carried out. All customer data can be linked across all distribution channels including the suitable activities.

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